Terms and Conditions

The Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA; Dutch Chamber of Commerce # 70244987) applies the following terms and conditions to purchases and services completed via the SAA webshop website, https://saamembership.nl:
  1. Delivery of Product: No physical or materials goods are being sold or physically shipped via this website. Products include online purchases for new and renewal annual memberships into the SAA. Delivery of purchased products involves consists of receipt of a confirmation email to the customer’s email address provided at check-out. Customers who do not receive a confirmation email confirming delivery of their purchase within one hour of check-out should email SAA Treasurer Eco de Geus at [email protected]
  2. Renewal of Membership: SAA membership purchases will automatically terminate after one year from the purchase date UNLESS the member actively renews their membership on this website (https://saamembership.nl). Members will receive an email request 4 weeks in advance of the one-year membership termination date as a reminder to renew their annual membership with SAA.
  3. Return of Product: Payment for a membership purchase of a new or renewal annual SAA membership will be returned only in the circumstance that the customer’s SAA membership application (completed separately on ambulatory-assessment.org) is not approved by the Executive Committee. Customers who have not been approved for SAA membership will be notified by email within one-week of the Executive Committee’s decision, and a return of the customer’s membership purchase will be processed within two weeks of the notification. In this case, the purchase amount will be returned to the customer using the same payment method that was used for the original membership purchase.
  4. Cancellation of Product: Customers can cancel their membership purchase and revoke their SAA membership application submission within 14 days after the purchase by emailing both the Secretary and Treasurer of SAA (2019: Kubiak and de Geus) at [email protected] and [email protected] Return of the customer’s membership purchase will be processed within two weeks of the cancellation email being sent.
For further information about your personal access to this website and associated data, please see our Privacy Policy.
For questions, product information or information about the website itself, please contact: Secretary or Treasurer SAA (2019: Kubiak and de Geus), [email protected]; [email protected] You can view further contact information at our About SAA page.